Luxury Floor Wraps

Create an Unforgettable Dance Floor with Custom
Dance Floor Wraps

Upgrading your old, drab dance floor doesn’t have to be a chore. With an easy-to-install
dance floor wrap, you can quickly customize the look and atmosphere of your event
while expressing your own unique aesthetic. Find out all the options available when you
explore custom dance floor wraps!

Choose the Right Substrate and Design.
One of the key elements to creating a professional looking custom dance floor wrap is
selecting the right substrate. Choose a durable option that will stand up to foot traffic
and liquid spills while providing enough cushioning for your guests’ comfort. Then,
choose a vibrant design that coordinates with your event’s color palette and theme.
With so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect wrap that will create an
unforgettable atmosphere!

Make Sure You Measure the Space Correctly.
Before you order your custom dance floor wrap, make sure you measure the space
correctly. You’ll need to know the length and width of the exact area that needs to be
covered in order to ensure an accurate fit. In addition, measure any posts or other
obstruction in the space to make sure your design won’t be cut off. Once you have all of
these measurements, use them as a reference when selecting stretching bars and
purchasing your custom wrap from a professional printing company.

Install the Wrap Professionally to Minimize Slippage.
The most important step to maximizing your dance floor’s longevity and preventing
slippage is professional installation. Have a trained technician install your wrap for you
so that you can make sure it’s applied correctly and securely, with no air bubbles or
wrinkles. It’s essential that the edges of the wrap be tucked under and secured to
prevent movement and make sure the entire area is protected. This will help ensure that
your custom dance floor wrap looks great for many events to come!

Keep Your Dance Floor Clean to Ensure Maximum Durability.
In order for your custom dance floor wrap to look great and maintain its vibrant color,
it’s important to keep the area clean. Have a cleaning routine in place before the event
begins and ensure that all spills or messes are quickly cleaned up with mild detergent
and warm water. This will help to extend the life of your wrap and make sure that it
looks amazing for many events to come!

Consider Adding Graphics or Text for an Extra Special Touch!
If you’re looking to really impress your guests and create something totally unique,
consider adding a graphic or text design to your custom dance floor wrap. Graphics can
include company logos, patterns, or abstract designs while text can be used to add a
message of encouragement or inspirational quote to make the evening even more




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